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Common mode nanocrystalline chokes

These common mode chokes are based on high permeability nanocrystalline toroids with at least two symmetrical windings. The operating current flows through them in such a way that the magnetics fields cancel each other out. The operating current is only affected by the low stray inductance of the windings. If the currents in the windigs are different, because of asymmetric interference, a high inductance works on the differential current.

These chokes are used mainly for RFI suppression of appliances and machines. Moreover these highly symmetrical chokes can be used as transformers as well as for potential separation.

Compared to common mode chokes on ferrite core (see our series 101 to 106 ), have these chokes at same dimensions and current rating up to three times higher inductance and they hereby achieve higher noise suppresion nearly in whole observed frequency range.

Our standard offer consists of double chokes PMEC 403, 404 and 406 series in vertical and horizontal design.

On request we can supply chokes with three or more windings too.



Design, dimensions and technical data
Series a b c d e f g Pins 3D model
403/V 26 18 30 12,5 15 5 0,6 x 0,6 IGES STEP IGES STEP
404/V 32 21 35 12,5 17,5 7,5 0,8 x 0,8 IGES STEP IGES STEP
406/Vn < 38 < 40,5 4 18,5 10 23 35 L=3,0 mm typ
403/H 16,5 28 25 15 0,6 x 0,6 IGES STEP
404/H 19,5 32,5 30 20 0,8 x 0,8 IGES STEP
Climatic category 40/125/21
Nominal voltage 250 V, 50 Hz
Testing voltage (winding - winding) 1500 V, 50 Hz, 2 sec.
Inductance tolerance 1) ± 40 %
Overtemperature of the windings < 55 °C
Maximum admissible temperature of the windings 115 °C
1) Measured at 10 kHz, 50 mV a 25 °C.
The nominal current is applicable up to ambient temperature of 60 °C. Above this temperature descends the acceptable current linear to zero at 125 °C.
All measurements comply with the requirements of EN 60938-1 (VDE 0565 part 2).

Insertion loss of common mode chokes series 403 and 404

Insertion loss of common mode chokes series 406

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