SMD chokes with sendust toroidal cores

These SMD chokes are usually based on alloy powder cores with Sendust material. They have only slightly larger inductance dependence on DC magnetization when compared to the iron powder cores. However their main advantages are much better frequency properties, which predestined them to use as the switch-source chokes to frequency at least 100 kHz.

Standard chokes of series PMEC 300 are designed as the storage chokes for high-efficiency SMPS.

Chokes are fitted with two windings, which are usually connected on PCB in parallel. However the option of serial connection brings the advantage of choosing the resulting inductance in uncommon fine steps.



Design, dimensions and technical data
Climatic category 40/125/21
Nominal voltage 250 V, 50 Hz
Inductance tolerance 1) ± 20 %
3D model IGES STEP
1) Measured at 10 kHz, 50 mV and 25 °C.
All measurements comply with the requirements of EN 60938-1 (VDE 0565 part 2).

Suitable for reflow soldering.

Ironpowder and sendust core losses

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